I get a do-over for pics!!

I found the courage today to ask the studio owner about getting the pics done again and she agreed!  I was afraid I was being too vain.  Turns out not so much and I get another chance!

Will keep you posted.  Today was fun.  I may have told you my husband uses a picture of Elmo for his pic on Facebook.  We dress Elmo according to the current holiday.  Today we shopped for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That means a trip to the Party store and maybe the Dollar Store.  We scored big time! When I take the pic I’ll share.  I did tell you that I have a “thing” for Elmo right?!

Tonight we made oyster soup.  The oysters have been in the freezer for a while.  I found a recipe that wasn’t all cream and it was really good.  Yay us!  We like cooking in the kitchen together. We take turns being each other’s assistant.  The best part of cooking with oysters is that my Husband doesn’t eat them, he does it strictly for me.  What a guy.

I am in the process of getting a laptop ready to for a friend.  She needed one and we happen to have a contact that can get one ready to go very inexpensively.  Right now I am letting 120 updates install.  Hopefully it will be ready to give to her tomorrow afternoon.

Tried to get to yoga today.  There was a HUGE marathon going on in town and after about 30 minutes of trying to get to the studio I just gave up and came home.  All the roads were blocked. I’ll teach tomorrow and get some exercise then.

Time to check on the laptop and head to bed soon.

Today’s Gatha:

When my actions are motivated by generosity,  kindness , love, or wisdom, the results are happiness and peace.  May I cultivate a silence of mind that brings this happiness and peace.



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