quiet day at home…

Hopefully not too quiet.  I am waiting for the phone to ring on a couple of issues.  If I don’t hear anything I’ll make the same calls late this afternoon.  I added some pictures today.  Look around and see what you think.

I plan to spend some time reading today.  Reading is getting kinda tough.  My mind won’t be still enough to concentrate.  I talked to a friend about it and they put on quiet music in the background and that helps them.  It’s worth I try.  Got a new Yoga Journal with some articles I’d like to read.

The next few days are booked so today is my day to take it easy.  I do have some things to do around here.

I’ll make it short today.  Maybe there will be news later to report!

Today’s Gatha:

True patience manifests itself as a non-grasping openness to whatever comes next.  It is a calm willingness to be present.  The true practice is patience, not wanting anything special or unusual to happen.  The things I am attached to give me opportunity to develop patience and kindness toward them and my grasping melts away.



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