how did I ever get it all done?

I have asked this before.  How did I get things done when I was working?  Granted I wasn’t involved in as much and had fewer friends.  See what yoga and building your confidence can do?  I am less physically able but am busier!

Today I have spent some time working on an invitation list for my son’s wedding!  😀  Still haven’t got my brain wrapped around that one.  When did I get old enough to be the Mother of the Groom?  It’s August 2012.  Will keep you posted on how things progress.

I also spent some time on-line looking for a solution to the display on our TV.  That will involve a chat with the husband later.  It’s not a huge deal yet but I am afraid eventually it will become one.

Did some closet shopping today.  For 2 events.  Tonight is the local MS Society annual meeting and I kinda want to dress up in case I pass out some cards.  Dress up meaning black pants and a sweater.  Also I have begun thinking about what to wear to a Christmas party coming up soon.  Too much fun!

It’s very cold here today. Cold AND wet!  The worst kind.  I am staying inside and have electric fire-place going.  I so much prefer the summer heat!  Yes…I said it…I have MS and I like heat!!!  I was born in the summer time, maybe that has something to do with it.

Need to go work on my class for Sunday.  Going to use the asana that I taught my TTP’s in the summer.  Need to time it and do it with some music.  Need to remind myself that we will be out tonight and I do have all day tomorrow and Saturday.  TAKE IT EASY Sarah….you don’t have to get it all done in one day!  Bet there is a Gatha for that…

Today’s Gatha:

Stop!  I am just breathing.  I calm the mind, let go of the chatter, and allow a stillness to fall.  In moments of stillness and contentment, I notice the inner workings of karma-cause and effect.



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