speaking of more confidence!

We went to the Central Virginia MS Society’s Annual Meeting last night.  Enjoyed it very much.  There was a medical presentation about current research, a slide show about this year’s activities, (I was in one picture!)and a presentation by the chapter president.  And wine and beer and munchies.  All in all very enjoyable.  The best news is…I summoned the courage to speak to 2 doctors about my success with yoga and they even asked for my card!!  I saw some people I recognized and  gained a new student.

Not so very long ago I would have stayed in the back of the room, listened, enjoyed myself and quietly left.  Hooray for finding new courage.  It also helps to have a supportive spouse by my side, even when he feels crappy.  I attribute it not only to all the aspects of yoga but to his support of me and finding my way in this new way to live my life.

Today is “take it easy Friday.”  Laundry, working on Sunday’s class and doing some emails etc.  OH!  and wine in the afternoon with a good friend….

There goes the dryer….I’ll get my gatha book:

Today’s Gatha:

I use the midday mark as a mindfulness bell.  I appreciate the half of the day that has passed and remind myself to be present in each moment in the rest of the day. I am aware of the blessings that surround me.






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