Happy Sunday!!

That’s what I say to my Dad when I call him every Sunday.  He didn’t want to chat much today.  Said he was getting ready to “go roll around for a while.”  What a positive attitude.  It wasn’t long ago that  he would say that he was so glad he wasn’t like all those old people in walkers and wheelchairs.  Now his wheelchair is fun!  Physical therapy is helping him to get back on his feet.  He’s 85, we can all learn from his outlook on life.  He favorite line is “life is beautiful” or “wonnerful wonnerful”  Think Lawrence Welk if you are old enough to know who that is.

Been a good day around here.  Usual Sunday stuff.  Did my shot.  Been on Avonex for a LONG time.  What therapies does anyone else use for their MS?  I’d be curious to hear about it.  Avonex seems to work for me even though you don’t see results.  I have maintained pretty well.

Almost time to head to the studio to teach my yoga class.  Look forward to the day when I can do more and begin to earn for teaching.  Can’t do that until I hear from SSDI.  In the mean time I enjoy sharing what yoga has done for me and getting out once a week to do that.  I take 2 or 3 classes a week myself.

Today’s gatha is sort of about that.

Entering this room, I see the present moment.  I bow to the room and breathe.  I vow to enter with calmness and awareness.



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