some will think this is an odd thing to be thankful for…

On my travels over the last few days I came to an interesting realisation.  First I’ll let you know Daddy is great.  Moving around with his walker and as jovial as he always has been.  After a nap it takes him a minute to what I call “boot up” and realize where he is and who my sister and I are but he came around every time!  All in all a very good visit with him.

Now on to what most people will think is a weird thing to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my HEALTH!  Yes I have MS, yes I walk funny sometimes and trip a lot.  Yes I have a hard time remembering things.  Yes I tire easily, sometimes I can’t count on my legs like most people.  BUT!  MS has opened up a whole new world for me.  I got certified to teach yoga, met some great new friends who understand and love me to add to the wonderful friends I already have.  Yoga has given me a new confidence to talk about my MS and to want to share with others how yoga can help them.  I hold my head high, speak to strangers, yesterday I thanked the attendants at a rest stop for being there and told them Happy Thanksgiving!!  In the past I would have quietly walked in, my no eye contact and walked out.  I see all of this newfound confidence going back to the fact that I have MS and got involved in yoga!!!  Weird isn’t it. THANKFUL for my MS.  Yesterday I realized that I am.

Now I have a long weekend to share with my loving Husband.  Looking forward to taking it easy.  MAYBE getting the Christmas decorations down.

Namaste everyone.  Find something to be thankful for…I did!

Today’s Gatha

Peace of mind is my top priority. I reflect on what is truly of value, what gives meaning to life. I set my other priorities on that basis.



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