Happy Holiday!

Boy am I tired!  2 days and 8 tubs of decorations later I think I am done!  We are down to 7 tubs….I prepared one to send to my son with all of the things he will remember from his “childhood”.  He’s just 20…isn’t he still a kid?  Momma thinks so!!   The house looks very festive.  It’ the first time I’ve put up all of the decorations since my son was gone.  Guess it means I feel good and am excited about the holidays!

The tree except for a few special ornaments is all Wizard of Oz.  I counted 51 Oz ornaments while I was organizing.  It’s a fun looking tree!  I do lots of trees.  Have a smaller one on the kitchen table with just kitchen ornaments on it and a couple of even smaller ones scattered about.  Guess I have a “thing” for trees?!  Maybe I’ll share some pics next week.

Tired now.  Going to take it easy tonight.  Hubby made a big pot of white beans and country ham for dinner.  😀  A bowl of that and something fun on TV.  I’m done.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the studio and see if I have anyone for class.  Technically we are closed put I put an invitation on Facebook just in case someone wants to have a restful practice after the busy holiday.

Time to stretch out on the couch with a glass of wine.

Today’s Gatha:

May I be fully present in preparing for this celebration, cultivating generosity, gratitude, and kindness for even the smallest joys and wonders.  Conditional happiness dependent upon a specific circumstance always leads to suffering.  This celebration is a source of happiness if I use it to practice being in the preset moment.





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