Check out the tree pictures!

I’ve got 30 minutes til shot time. took it out of the fridge.  waiting for it to warm up.  (avonex) thought I’d take the time to check in.  headed to the studio for a 4:00 class.  if I don’t have any students I may go by the Dollar Store.  Getting my Christmas cards there this year.  From a lifetime “Hallmark Snob” that’s HUGE but still no news from disability so gotta save where I can.  I usually send out about 40-50 cards and with postage it gets expensive!

quiet(er) day today.  realized the window behind the tree needed cleaning and now that I have done that one they ALL need it!  good news is that they all fold inside so i can reach both sides without a lot of trouble.  hoping to get most of them done this week.

I’ve added some pictures of what has kept me busy for the last 2 days.  My husband says “it looks like Christmas blew up” until I get it all organized.  I’ll share more another day.

Hear is today’s Gatha I guess all my decorating can be considered art:

I mindfully acknowledge the expressions conveyed in this art.  The art created by others is amazing, reflecting their inner life.  I enjoy and appreciate what it before my eyes.




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