exciting news!

this is a copy of an email I just sent to those who say they want to come to a yoga class:

I got a recommendation from a Dr. @ MCV!  He has suggested one of his patients take my Yoga Class.  I met him at the MS Society Annual meeting.  This is huge for me because some Doctors discourage yoga because they just don’t understand.
I also wanted to tell you about my yoga class last night.  (taking not teaching).  It was a rather advanced class and our wonderful teacher talked about fear and fear of certain poses.  I understand your first yoga class can be a fearful thing.  It was for me.  Here I am this preppy chic walking into a yoga studio for the first time.  I never felt more welcome and more at home! Yoga is all about not harming yourself and doing as you are able.  The assisted type class I teach is based on Hatha Yoga as well as using props that B.K.S. Iyengar first introduced into yoga.  Google him..it’s interesting.
I tried some things last night with the encouragement of my teacher and accomplished a little!  I’ll try again and build on the strength I am gaining. Come on guys!  Let’s learn together.  Yoga is FUN!
Today’s Gatha:
I enter this exercise with awareness.  Such exercise joins mind and body.  To strengthen my  mind I must strengthen my muscles.  Exercise is a blessing for the whole day.

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