keeping it positive….

I have noticed lately that a lot of the MS blogs are rather negative.  I hope that you find this blog a positive and uplifting sort of read.  Like I’ve said before….having MS has its challenges but I believe I a positive attitude is the first step in not giving in to it!  Stress and fatigue are my triggers. If I spend my time fretting over the fact that I have in MS in a “poor me” kind of way that just increases the stress which decreases the rest!

I try to rest when my body asks for it.  Like now. This morning I have changed the sheets on the bed, showered and dressed, ran thru my yoga class for this afternoon, did a few things around the house and now I am tired!  I sat down to rest and prepare for my afternoon.  I saw the laptop and thought I’d share.

It’s important that I listen to my body and what it needs. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  I rest when I need to, my biggest problem is I forget to EAT! I know….lot’s of folks wish they had that problem but I am guessing that affects the fatigue too.

I am rambling now….let’s find a gatha for today:

I must stop, calm down, and rest to heal.  I cultivate receptivity and acceptance.  I work to create the right conditions for healing by acknowledging me suffering, exploring it, then letting go.




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