just when things start to settle down!!!!

More stuff with Daddy.  I haven’t shared with those closest to me so I won’t get into specifics here.  Just please keep all of us in your prayers.

Today I worked on getting some info printed for the Yoga Studio.  It’s nice to have a Husband in that business.  They look great!

Now I am waiting for some bread to rise.  I am going to a Satsang tonight and it’s my contribution.  Rosemary/Olive vegan flatbread.  It’s rising now.  Never made bread so it’s my new baking challenge.  Gotta love a challenge.

Tired now and my heart is racing.  As soon as we think we are past one thing with Daddy something else comes up.  I guess this is the way things are going to be.  Makes me sad.  My Dad was always the strong, handsome man in my life.  Hard to watch him weaken. I understand at 85 it happens.  I just don’t LIKE it!!

I think I’ll find a nice gatha and get a cup of tea.

Today’s Gatha:

In every situtation where I feel discomfort, it is because I want something to be different. I am grasping after an idea I have about the way reality should be, rather that simply being present for what is.  Dealing with discomfort is not passive acceptance but being aware of what really is in this moment.



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