it’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!!

Been to the first party…..tacky light tour this week.  Tolerating the Christmas music a little better.  Heard Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to Town” on the radio.  That’s the beginning of the holidays for me! Even putting some Christmas Music on my Ipod.

Starting to work on getting the bonus room ready for being a yoga class room.  Have some ladies that want to come here for yoga classes.  Won’t be all the way ready until the Christmas storage boxes get out but it’s a start.  Thinking of how to lay things out and what we might need.  EXCITING!!

Have a class to teach this afternoon.  We aren’t going to leave the floor.  Relax a little during this busy holiday season.  Looking forward to teaching this one!

No news from Dad yet.  My sister is headed there today.  Should get a call from her later this afternoon with an update.  If you follow me on Facebook look for updates there.  If you don’t, please follow me!!

Had a nice dinner out last night.  New place for us.  Locally owned small diner type.  They had great shrimp and grits!  Still contemplating a vegetarian lifestyle.  The big question is how do I do without my Husband’s pork bbq?  Like I said…working on it.

Need to get some more “stuff” done before I leave for class.

Today’s Gatha:

Listening to music, I feel reverence.  With mindfulness, I open my sense and open my heart to the emotions the music inspires.  I hear all the sounds as beautiful music; I hear music in all things.





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