where did all this energy come from?

…maybe it’s because I am back to taking my Ayurvedic herbs on a regular basis.  Maybe it’s because I have quit taking so many supplements.  Maybe it’s because my Dr. got my nighttime meds straight and my twitching has gotten better so I am getting better rest.  Whatever it is I will keep all of that up!!!

Today was a very busy day.  Got an early text from a friend who needed a favor.  We had a lot of fun this a.m. and then I got some holiday shopping done and began to work on the bonus room so it can be used to teach yoga!!  It looks great.  Will do more another day.  Had to have a nap late this afternoon.

All of that being said ….learn to listen to your body.  Rest when you need to and take advantage when you have extra energy.  Don’t be too proud to get a handicapped parking placard if your Dr. suggests it.  I don’t use mine all the time but it sure comes in handy when I am feeling tired.

Tomorrow a.m. I will go to one of my favorite yoga classes and tomorrow night is a tacky light bus tour with friends.  That will be lots of fun!!  😀

Today’s Gatha:

I must stop, calm down, and rest to heal.  I cultivate receptivity and acceptance.  I work to create the right conditions for healing by acknowledging my suffering, exploring it, then letting go.



P.S. I don’t like the word “suffering” I LIVE with MS I don’t suffer with it. XO




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