wow! been gone a while

Had a great few days.  Kept a friends 2 girls overnight and had some adult friends over to make Gingerbread cookies.  Lots of decorations and fun!  I so love having people in my house.  Hopefully this will become a new tradition.

Health wise I learned a new term….”MS hug”  that’s what the feeling is called when it feels like you have a big rubberband around your waist.  I’ve been “hugged” now for a couple of weeks.  It’s not too bad.  Only painful when I move certain ways.  Trying to put a positive spin on it.  Gotta love an all the time hug!!

Got Dad settled into his new room at his retirement facility.  He’ll get even more personal attention in this area and it’s what he needs.  He’s just adores being taken care of.

Just noticed the time.  Need to sign off quickly got a class to teach!  Maybe more later.

Today’s Gatha:

Work is empty without a personal life, and a personal life is lacking without fulfilling work.  They sometimes pull me in opposite directions., but each supports the other.  Mindfulness, moderation, and patience help me balance these complementary aspects of life.

(maybe that’s why I am happiest when I have a project!)




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