taking a moment to sit down!!

Busy day.  Yoga class at 10.  Stopped at 1 store on the way home looking for silver party shoes..don’t need them…just WANT them.  No luck.  May try again tomorrow.

Had to get home and start the holiday baking.  Today at my Husband’s request was White Chocolate Chip, Macadamia nut cookies.  Tomorrow and friday there is more baking planned. Just one thing a day. I remember to pace myself.  That’s part of the reason to sit down and write a little.

Tomorrow night is a big Holiday party with lots of friends at the local Marriot.  Unless I write early, you won’t be hearing from me.  That’s why I kinda want the silver shoes!!  Got a great outfit!  Last year I danced until my legs quit working.  Maybe? I’ll try to keep it under control this year.

Can’t believe Christmas is so close.  Checking my calendar now to see what else the week may bring.  It looks pretty clear.  Maybe I will have a moment tomorrow to look for those silver shoes!  Just have 1 pie on the baking list. Jack Daniels, Pecan Chocolate Chip!  Oh my!

Have to cover the desk at the studio tonight.  May take another class.  We’ll see how I feel.

BOY that’s loud rain!!!  We have lots of skylights so when it rains you really hear it.  It’s a rather soothing noise.  Maybe I’ll listen to the rain and take a nap.

Today’s Gatha:

The rain replenishes and sustains, but it can feel inconvenient and even uncomfortable.  Without deciding rain is good or bad, I relax and feel whatever I am feeling.  I choose to rain kindness on all.




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