it’s all packed up!

As excited as I am to put Christmas UP, I am equally excited to take it down! It’s all down and ready to go into the attic until next year.  I don’t do that part.  I just do the handing up.  Me on a ladder with my hands full would NOT be a good thing!

Feeling pretty rested after a busy few days. We had a great Christmas and managed to get to bed early last night and sleep late this morning.  I am feeling pretty good.

I am ready to move on to my next project.  Getting the bonus room ready to be a mini yoga studio!  How cool would it be if I could get a regular class or 2 to teach at home?  We have a lower level entrance so no one would have to navigate the stairs.  Wish me luck!

Gonna head to North Carolina for a quick trip to visit my Dad.  Not going alone this time so it will be easier on me.  We’ll be home in time to celebrate New Years and welcome all the wonderful things I hope it will bring?

P.S. Still can’t find the camera.  Ideas?


Today’s Gatha:

The past is gone and no one can predict the future.  My task is here in the present moment.  It is useless to worry or project, expending energy that I need to complete the task.  I am here, NOW, focusing on this task.  I smile to myself and say, completing this task is the most important job in my life.




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