found my camera!!!

Now we try to solve the mystery of WHY it was in the console of my car.  My Husband and I are reviewing our calendars to figure it out.  I am trying to just be grateful that I have it again.

Been a good couple of days.  Waiting again for a letter re: my SSDI.  My attorney says he anticipates a good decision.  It has left the judge who reviewed it, goes somewhere to get written up and mailed to me, my lawyer and social security.  This makes almost 18 months of running to the mailbox every time I hear the truck.  Trying to relax about it but until it’s done and I see it in writing I won’t feel secure.

Tomorrow I get back on schedule with yoga classes.  I missed routine.  The holidays are fun but it feels good to get back into whatever “normal” is.

A regular yoga schedule will help me feel better.

Today’s Gatha:

I enter this exercise with awareness.  Such exercise joins mind and body.  To strengthen my mind, I start with my muscles.  Exercise is a blessing for the whole day.






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