things I learn as I listen to my body…

1.  Get out of bed in the morning.  I do better in the morning, then an afternoon nap/quiet time.

2. Start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon. You may have heard of this recently.  It does seem to help keep things “moving.”

3. You can’t control when that most important letter may come.  Let it go as best you can.  Acknowledge the thought and send it on it’s way.

4. Make sure I EAT!  Yeah..this is a big one.  I forget to eat sometimes.  Again…go figure, I feel better when my body has nourishment.

5. Do things that make me feel good.  Even if it’s vacuuming that makes me feel good.  Did the whole house yesterday.  Yes I was tired afterward but I was proud of my accomplishment.  (stopped to rest twice.)

I could probably go on as I think about it.  Will share more as they come to me.

The project right now is getting the bonus room ready for 6 women to come practice yoga with me.  It’s an MS support group I spoke to recently.  Looking forward to it and also finally giving this room a purpose.

Speaking of which I think I’ll go back to that project now and see what I can accomplish before it’s rest time.

Today’s Gatha:

I am taking a nap becasue I feel a lack of vitality, fogginess, or sleepiness.  I do not judge or suppress these feelings.  I am mindful and observe the feelings and take a nap with awareness.  I wish to awaken with mindfulness.




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