I got good news in the mail!

I’d rather not be too specific here just know that it’s a huge relief to me and my Husband.  Time for life to move on.  One less thing to fret about.  I try not to worry and give all of my concerns and fears over to a higher power but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  I will continue to practice that and be greatful as life continues to bring me happiness, courage and strength.

Sound weird coming from a person with MS?  I truly believe it’s all in a positive attitude even when dealing with a chronic illness with MS.  If you think it will take you down it most certainly will, if you choose to think positively, positive things will happen.  (in time) That’s my issue.  I’m not too patient.

Took a class and taught a class today.  Had 3 people practicing with me!  It went really well.  Hope to have more as time goes by.

We are getting closer to having the bonus room ready for a class of 6!  So excited about teaching from home.  Maybe more classes can come from starting this first one.

Let me see if I can find a Gatha about positive thinking…..

Today’s Gatha:

Each moment creates a karma.  I make opportunities with good and wise choices.  My karma is made by thought, speech, and actions.  If an ugly or unhelpful thought arises, I take care that it does not turn into speech or action.


Sarah ❤


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