getting ready for the spring MS walk

Started recruiting my team today.  Last year we raised lots of money.  Hope to do the same this year.

Been a good morning.  I got out of bed when I woke up and have been at the computer a large part of the time.  I won’t stay here long today.  Did some laundry-sheets-takes a bit out of me changing a bed.  Have a yoga class at 6.  Yin Yoga tonight.  It moves slowly and you hold the poses for a longer time.  I hope to be able to teach Yin Yoga one day.

Think I’ll go have some hot water with lemon and rest.  I’ve worn myself out this a.m. and I need to be ready for class.

Today’s Gatha:

I am taking a nap because I feel a lack of vitality, fogginess, or sleepiness.  I do not judge or suppress these feelings.  I am mindful of and observe the feelings and take a nap with awareness.  I wish to awaken with mindfulness.






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