nothing like a busy weekend and NAPS!

My best friend from childhood days was here this weekend.  We had a marvelous visit and I keep up with her at the mall.  It was loads of fun but I must remember that when I do that the rest of the day is DONE.  I was in my pajamas at 3:30 and napped twice for long periods before we went to bed around 10. I am feeling OK today.  I have changed two beds and started some laundry.  It’s a quiet day until a Yin yoga class at 6.

I realized recently I have allowed myself to not have to be so perfect when someone is coming to visit.  I also have the time to prepare a little at a time now that I am officially not working.  That and I have the perfect spouse that every girl needs to help out.  ❤

Learning to let things go came gradually.  I just realized one day it was what I was doing.  It wasn’t a conscious decision.  Kinda like choosing not to eat red meat.  No big decision behind it…it just happened.  I think what I learn in yoga and what I read is quietly influencing me.

I like the gradual changes that I am feeling.  I just let the thoughts flow over me.

Today’s Gatha:

Mindfullness is loving all the details of my life. Right now, I come back to my breath with mindfulness.




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