I moved my right leg!!

That’s what one of the yogis in my class told her Husband last Saturday.  She’s been to class 2 or 3 times and is already feeling the difference.  That one phrase validated all that I have done to get to this point.

Spoke to another MS Support group today.  The groups can always see my enthusiasm and I think that’s a good thing.  There were 2 or 3 people who are interested in a class.

I’ve been busy this week and that will continue.  I have another class to get ready for the weekend.  I have the class at the studio and a group coming to my home.  Looking forward to starting to teach from home too.  It only took us 15 years  to figure out what to do with that big room!

I’ll take some pics when the class gets used to coming.

Today’s Gatha:

I appreciate good times.  It is easy at the time to respond, not react.  Whatever I cultivate during these good times gives me strength when things change.  Difficulties arise in both good and bad situations and I am ready to respond wisely in both.



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