look what i did!!!

 It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time!  I got a tattoo!!!  It’s a tulip.  The traditional tattoo for a yogi is a lotus flower.  I didn’t find a lotus I liked and this tulip is from an artist I like.  Laurel Burch.  You may be familiar with her cat art.  I got the tattoo last night.  2 good friends went with me to take pictures and hold my hand.  It wasn’t too painful.  I closed my eyes and used my yoga breathing to help me through.  It’s on the inside of my lower right arm.  My Mother used to rub me there when we were sitting next to each other.  So the placement is all because of her.  The reason I got the tattoo is that I feel like this is my time to bloom.  Over the last year I have begun to speak to MS groups, teach yoga and reach out more than I ever have.  I really feel like this is one of the best times of my life and I wanted to capture that feeling forever!

Again sounds weird to say this is one of my best times ever but it really is.  I am so proud of me and my recent accomplishments.  What better way to remind myself of this time forever.



Todays’ Gatha:

Earth and sky joined to create this flower. It’s beauty is a gift. When I see a flower,  I look deeply into the present moment and smile.



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