nap interrupted….why not talk about it!

3:00 is getting to be my nap time on the living room couch in a room  flooded with sunshine.  Today no luck-legs were twitching too much.  I wonder if it has something to do with relaxing.  I’ve had a busy day up and down the stairs.  Who knows?  I do it every night even though I do take medicine for it.  Another reason to try a Dr. that is an MS specialist.

The tattoo is healing and ITCHING!  My artist suggested a cream and that helps but wow! Now I understand why he told me to use it 3 times a day and don’t pick at it!  BUT IT ITCHES! Oh well….still glad I did it.  It will get better as it continues to heal.

There goes my leg again.  Sitting on the couch, feet propped on the coffee table, computer in my lap.  No telling what I might type.  You have been warned.  😀  Just call me twitchy.  Anyone else have that problem?  I know it’s a normal symptom of MS.

Doing some research for my next yoga class.  Getting to know my students and what they can handle.  Starting to develop some home students too.  Exciting!!  I speak to a stroke survivors group next month.  Spreading the good news of yoga!!

Tired, may try that nap again.  Maybe there is a gatha for sleeping.



Today’s Gatha:

I am taking a nap because I feel a lack of vitality, fogginess or sleepiness.  I do not judge or suppress these feelings.  I am mindful and observe the feeling and take a nap with awareness.  I wish to awaken with mindfulness.


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