I am thankful for lots of things today.  Thankful that once a month 2 wonderful women come to clean my home, thankful that today on an off week I was able to vacuum the whole house!  (with several breaks) Thankful for an understanding Husband who “gets” that some days I have more energy than others, thankful for a washing machine and a dryer to keep our clothes clean, thankful for friends who are interested in me and like spending time with me, thankful for music to listen to during the day, it keeps me moving when I don’t turn on the television, thankful for those that read this blog and for the energy to write it every few days, thankful for 3 black cats that make me giggle several times a day….we all need that, thankful for my body and it’s ability to move and teach yoga, I could go on and on.

Spend a few minutes today thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for.  Sometimes we dwell on the opposite.  Today I am THANKFUL!!



Today’s Gatha

As I clean this room, I make it fresh and calm and boundless joy and energy arise in me.  My heart and mind grow clearer with this experience.




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