How many calendars does a girl need?

I find that I need at least 2.  I keep one on my Blackberry for daily stuff, but as the speaking engagements increase, I find that I need something on paper so see the “big picture” more easily.  So far that’s 2.  One day last week I got out of the shower and COULD NOT figure out what day it was, what I had to do and therefore how to dress.  Now now we’re up to 3!  I already had a calendar in the bathroom just because it’s pretty but now I mark off every day so that doesn’t happen again.  So THREE!!!! it’s takes three calendars to help me remember what day it is.  Who else experiences that?  It is MS… it age…am I nuts?  Seems kinda crazy that I can’t remember some of the simplest things.

For a long time I haven’t been able to remember what TV show is on which night.  My hubby is in charge of that now.  I guess it’s just the cognitive monster.  Good old C.R.S. Can’t Remember Stuff.  (you can also put another word here.  :O )

Don’t get me wrong…yes I am fussing but I am still grateful for the abilities I do have.  I just used to think of myself as a smart woman…and that seems to be changing.  I hope that most of the folks that know me understand.

I teach my yoga classes from flash cards I have created.  I have noticed newer teachers uses some sort of reminder.  Even the more experienced ones too!  I helps keep all of us on track I guess.

Speaking of yoga..class tonight.  Maybe I should go get my bag ready.

Today’s Gatha:

In every situation where I feel discomfort, it is because I want something to be different.  I am grasping after an idea I have about the way reality should be, rather than simply being present for what is.  Dealing with discomfort is not passive acceptance bit being aware of what really is in the moment.







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