another kind of pet a different connection…

I helped a couple today by taking several plants from their home to mine.  They are Ayurvedic practitioners and literally had a house full of plants that their landlord said must go.  It was an emotional time for them.  Imagine foraging for these plants, nourishing them, watching them grow and then being told you must get rid of them.  I am honored to be their caretaker for a while.  I told my friends I am just “babysitting” and when they get to a point where they can have them again I will certainly bring them home.

Plants are like pets.  We care for them and watch them grow. They bring joy and beauty into our lives.

I am a bit restless today.  Had to be up early to go to my friend’s house.  Now I find all my daily tasks are done early and I am restless to find something to pass the day.   I need  to work on this weekend’s class.  I guess that will be next.

Today’s Gatha:

We are not separate from plants and animals.  I defend all of them as I would my own life.  I am part of the interconnected biosphere.  I do what I can to protect and endangered species as I would care for a person who is ill.




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