First time in the Sun!

Sheryl Crow said it best….”gonna soak up the sun”  That’s what I did for an hour today.  We finally got a warm enough day.  The next line is “gonna tell everyone to lighten up” those too are good words to live by.  Take life easy, soak up the sun and relax!!

I am listening to the song now so the typing is coming slowly.  Just sitting here dancing and singing.  Do you have a song that affects you that way?  What is it?  What is your happy song? It sure does help to listen to fun music often!

Had a good day today, other than the sunshine, had a good yoga class this a.m.  Got some things done around home.  The rest of the week may be kinda slow.  Everytime I say that though things fill up.  Will keep you posted!

Today’s Gatha:

My path is lovely and deep, like the sunshine.  I have a chance to see the sunshine and the dharma–to study it and practice with it.  With the sunshine, I enter the world of great understanding.




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