Why do I feel the need to STAY busy?

Had an early (OK for me…..10:00 is early) yoga class this morning.  I had started some laundry before I left.  Had BIG plans to spend some time in the sun again but mother nature had other ideas.  It was kinda cloudy today.

I got a load of laundry done and mostly put away.  Checked on my plants, answered some emails, took the trash out, returned a couple of phone calls…why was I so hesitant to just SIT!?  and why do I feel the need to document all of my accomplishments here?

It seems silly that today I just couldn’t be still and felt guilty if I was.  Have another early meeting tomorrow.  Maybe it’s the early starts I need to get used to.  Up and dressed that early is just foreign to me.  I do like it….getting the day started at a decent hour and our body is supposed to feel better when we wake and sleep with the sun.  Well..I’m not getting up that early!!!  We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I think it was the early start to the day and early home that did it to me.

Let’s see if I can find a gatha about my day today.  Maybe restlessness?  Seems like I saw one.

Today’s Gatha:

Our lives are often filled with a million things to do and consume that distract us from simple living.  When I pay attention and become mindful, I marvel at the simplest things in life that I once passed over.  Consuming less and living simply are the true conditions for happiness.






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