got my 15 minutes of vitamin D

…but no more.  The pollen is still pretty thick here.  Much earlier than last year too  Not the time of year to learn to wear contacts.

It’s lovely out except for that.  Sat out for just a while to watch the bluebirds.  Got a peek in the house and saw at least 4 blue eggs. There may be more but “blue man” is more aggressive this year than last.  Don’t want to disrupt them too much,  Next time I will be armed with a camera so I can grab a photo to share.

Went to class this a.m.  Didn’t really feel motivated to but I needed to pick something up at the studio.  It is always good to go.  Still feeling tired, from the weekend?  Who knows?  I am not sleeping well.  Turns out what I was taking to help my twitchy legs at night was also helping me sleep.  Hopefully my body will adjust soon.  Night before last I thought the sleepy-time tea was helping and I got to sleep OK, just didn’t stay asleep and it’s always hard to get back there once I have awoken.

Have nothing planned for tomorrow.  Something will come up I am sure.  Just planning on getting some rest and taking it easy.  Did some laundry today so maybe REALLY nothing tomorrow.  I do need to get a class ready for Saturday.

Speaking of class….I may be doing another MS Walk benefit!  Yay! More exposure for yoga and those with MS.  Will keep you updated.

Today’s Gatha:

Falling asleep at last I vow with all beings to enjoy the dark and silence and rest in the vast unknown.




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