So I missed my first “scheduled” blog day…..

but I was doing somehthing very important.  I waas helping a friend.  Stayed busy all day yesterday with a friends girls and what a blessing it was!  As blessing to have friends and a blessing to spend time with children,  ( we won’t tell the “young ladies” I called them that.)

Today is a catch up day, catch up here….catch up around the house…catch on on returning phone calls.  Again…..the week always fills up!  I am so greatful that is does too. Thankful to be able to help when a call comes from a friend, greatful to rest when I need to and greatful to do the things that make me smile.

It’s a beautiful day here and I am getting some time on my deck in the sun.  Feels like I won’t be out here long though…it’s 81 degrees!  That will be much more tolerable when the pool opens!  (wonder how I can get a connection up there…blogging from the pool!)

I have volunteered to cover some gentle yoga classes this spring and summer.  Just one night a week, I decided some extra money coming in would be a good thing and I think I am ready to see how much I can handle. Will keep you posted.  That reminded me it’s time to send the letter to SSDI about earnings last month. Had to pause and make a note on today’s list!!

What a lovely moment on my deck, lots of birds singing, a lawn mover in the background sunshine….AAHHHH…love spring and summer time!!!

Today’s Gatha:

Peace of mind is my top priority.  I reflect on what is truly of value what gives meaning to life, I get my other priorities on that basis.




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