so I’m not doing so good with the schedule….

-it does remind me to reach out every couple of days though.  Yesterday was another day I had planned to send something out.

We also planned to go visit my Dad.  It’s a 3 hour trip and we do it all in one day. It’s a quick visit with Daddy.  He’s 86 and “naps” a lot.  It was a great visit, Dad was in good spirits and he knew all of us!  We met my sister there about 1:00 hung out for a couple of hours and then had a late lunch with my sister and headed home.  We were back by 7.  Feeling pretty good today and I even helping with the driving!

Today is hang out with friends and bake a cake for the family Easter tomorrow.  I’ll post a pick later….it’s a pretty one!

Missing my yoga classes today.  The studio is closed for the holiday weekend. I offered to have a class at home but had no takers.  Oh well.  Guess it was better I had an easy morning after the long trip yesterday.  Hmmm…guess things DO happen for a reason.

See!! That’s why I do this blog…it helps me sort out my life.  Taking time to write things is like a mini therapy session.  Have a busy day?  Follow it with and easier one and you’ll feel better!

Today’s Gatha:

Writing is about listening to my inner voice, not just composing meaningful sentences.  My writing becomes a meditation.  I will write and release, without judging, I can edit later!





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