WOW! What a couple of days!!

…and so far I am doing really well.  We have a friend that had to go out of town for a family emergency so the 2 young ladies I have written about before have been here with us.  We have done art projects, watched plenty of Disney and NIckelodeon….spent time in the kitchen, painted nails, did facials and yesterday TWICE went to an elementary school close by and played all over the playground.  My husband went and brought their bikes here so they rode and I walked there TWICE.  It’s a couple of blocks away and I am SO proud of myself.  The second trip I really felt I wasn’t up for but I took my time followed them on their bikes and found a spot to sit in the sun once we got there.  The girls had lots of fun and I think the sun and fresh air was good for all of us.  Everyone was snoozing at a much better time than the night before and they are still asleep now as I type.  Today was my scheduled blog day so I thought that I’d take advantage of the quiet.

We’ll see how the day goes, I may go to a baseball game tonight.  The yoga studio is there to promote it’s classes and I’d love to help but I am going to make sure I take care of myself too.  Tomorrow I have a class to teach and another class for a fundraiser on Monday.  We’ll just see what today brings.

Speaking of which.  I am doing much better with just letting each day unfold and not trying to control every minute detail.  Some of you that know me may find this hard to believe but I have noticed especially in the last couple of days how much easier life is if you don’t try to hyper manage everything.  Things seem to happen as they are supposed to anyway and I am much more relaxed.  Hope I can remember that when I don’t have  young ladies to distract me.

My gatha book is downstairs, I’ll try to remember to add one later.  In the meantime have a lovely day and I am going to wake the girls. They said they wanted French Toast and fruit for breakfast so it’s time to get cooking!!

Today’s Gatha:

Chasing after the world brings chaos.  Allowing it all to come to me brings peace.




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