it’s a sunshine Sunday!

Up and getting some stuff checked off the “to do” list.  I thought I had blogged from my blackberry last night but I don’t see it.  Will have to work on that later.  Headed to yoga for a 4:00 class today.  Got usual Sunday stuff to do..laundry, shot…etc.  OOPS! Gotta go get my shot out of the fridge.  Will do that as SOON as I am done here.

Had a great day yesterday.  Visited a friend at her craft show.  Bought some gifts.  Had a late lunch out with the Hubby and then home to hang out.  Feeling pretty good.  Got some rest from the busier days earlier in the week.  I think I have really learned to tune into my body and give it what it needs.  Next is getting back on a regular eating habit.  Kinda got out of that this week.  Not trying to lose weight or anything just need to eat right and take care of myself.  Just finished my cream o’ wheat and strawberries.

Have a request for Banana-Nut Muffins this afternoon.  Guess I better get started on that. The days ALWAYS fill up!!

Today’s Gatha

I give this gift gracefully.  When I present the girt, I also give the person the gift of my undivided attention.




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