I just registered my domain MSYogaandMyLife.com!  Not sure if you will see any changes.  I didn’t purchase the “no ads” option.  Sorry if the site starts to clutter with ads.  I’m a poor yoga teacher and I can cancel or add things as needed.  Just let me know what you see!

Got a more quiet couple of days planned.  My right leg was rather crazy during my  Yin Yoga class last night.  Will give it a break for a couple of days.  I do have a class to get ready for but I plan for that to be an easy class, all on the floor so even the prep work will be relaxing.  As of right now I am doing what I can taking it easy at home before I start the active part of my day.

Yesterday I had planned to teach a fundraiser class at a local rehab hospital and I was there with a friend ready to go!  Didn’t have anyone show up.  My contact person there did come.  I am not sure what her title is but I sort of felt like it was an audition.  She seemed to enjoy the time and wants more.  We’ll see what comes of it.  I guess I need to get used to the audition part,  if I start looking around for other studios to teach at I will need to do that.

To my friend yesterday who listened while I was talking about some more “ambitious” plans…thanks for talking me down.  I so want to help everyone but I need to remember not at my own expense.   See you soon for our yoga class!! 😀

That seems like all I have to share for now.  Thanks for being out there and reading my blog. Let your friends know, be in touch with me.  Tell me what you’d like to hear about.

Today’s Gatha:

Resolving to practice moderation, I gently learn to let go of extremes.  Moderation is the only way to find true balance and the best way to live fully and with mindful awareness.






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