Sunday Sunday…oh so good to me!!

For those of you that are younger than me those are the lyrics to an old song…don’t ask me who sang it…I can just hear the tune in my head. I am sure Google would tell you!  (and me but I’m on a roll here!)

It has been a good day, getting my usual chores done, resting, doing my bruise no blood!!  😀 Now I am on the computer obviously blogging and also working to make my ITunes program work.  They first always tell you to uninstall and reinstall.  Never had much luck with it but today I am determined!

OK….2 maybe 3 reboots luck.  I give for now.  It does now play CDs now if only I can use it to burn them I’ll be in business.  For 14 years I was a Help Desk Associate for a major retailer.  I KNOW how to fix things.  Or I used to.  This kind of stuff makes me nuts.

Feeling pretty good.  I am making lists for later in the week and letting somethings go for today.  Remembering not to push and to take care of me first and foremost so I will be available to others when the time comes! So I am getting off the computer and resting before it’s time for dinner.

Today’s Gatha:

I use the midday mark as a mindfulness bell.  I appreciate the half of  the day that has passed and remind myself to be present in each moment of the rest of the day.  I am aware of the blessings that surround me.


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