staying on schedule….

So what if I have 3 calendars?!  If that what it takes to remind me to get things done then that’s what I takes!!  One of my calendars just reminded me that today was a blog day!!

Going to try to get this in before the storm comes.  A long time ago our house got hit by lightning.  I was at the computer…MISTAKE I know….and when it hit I had my hand on the mouse and the sensation ran up that hand and down the opposite arm.  I wasn’t painful, just odd.  Those of you that know me are saying “so THAT”S what happened!?”  Since then I have more respect for Mother Nature.  The computer gets unplugged now.  We lost everything that was connected to power and a phone line.  I was working at home then and we had 6 phone lines.  Needless to say it was a mess…again more respect for Mother Nature!

Doing better keeping things done and managing my energy.  Today I spent about an hour working with the nice folks at AT&T getting my Dad’s phone reconnected and bill caught up.  It’s a long story that I’ll spare you.  He’ll have a working phone by Friday and that’s all that matters.

I am also working on a new yoga class for this week.  Gave it a run through with a friend today and we both liked it.  I’m all set for Saturday’s class! I had quite a list today but I was deleting things as I did them from my list on my phone and of course NOW I don’t remember.   I know I looked at some web sites for a new desk yoga series I hope to offer soon.  Also looking for some good partner yoga poses.  More luck with the office yoga than the partner stuff.  When I googled partner it wasn’t the kind of partner stuff I was looking for.  Will go back to the Yoga Journal site next. :-O

Thanks for listening today.

Today’s Gatha:

There is no need to worry that a good idea or the solution to a problem will be lost;  what is of value will be available at the proper moment.  I open my mind and dance with ideas instead of fixating on them.




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