an early start on a busy day!

Today is “all about yoga.”  I took at class for myself at 10:00.  Love it!  Gets me ready for the day.

At 2:30 I travel to a friend’s house and we go to a new friend’s house to practice with her.  So excited to be sharing yoga with more  folks who live with MS.  I choose my words there carefully.  I don’t say “suffer with MS”, “has MS” in a hushed tone…or any of the other ways to say it.  We live with MS-that’s all.  How we choose to do that is up to us!  I choose to say that I live with MS.  You can also use the “I have MS but it doesn’t have me” line.  Like that one too, it just takes longer to say in a conversation.

At 6:00 I have a long time friend….again choice of words.  Not “old” friend coming to the house to practice with her Husband.  She wants to work on flexibility and strength while her supporting her husband in what help yoga will bring him as someone who has had a stroke.  So excited about the day! Tomorrow will be all about resting.  WHEW.

As I hear a trash truck outside I think about my trip home this morning.  I was in our neighborhood behind a trash truck that was doing its job.  I was stopped behind him and again CHOSE not to try to rush around him.  I was in no rush.  Those men had an important job to do and I could wait.  As the car behind me attempted to drive around both myself and the truck here came a car from the other direction!  No wreck, no screeching tires, he was able to get out-of-the-way. Just a confirmation for me that most things can wait.  As the truck turned away I gave them a wave and was grateful for patience.

I think I will rest for a moment until it’s time to move on to my next appointment.  Thanks for checking in on me today.

Today’s Gatha

Waiting is the practice of patience.  I develop my ability to wait and to listen, going deep into stillness.  It is seeking without seeking.  Deep slow breathes help me practice waiting in the present moment.







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