yesterday continued….

So this morning I am making more of my Yoga “flash cards.”  That involves copying pictures and text from whatever book or magazine I am using and cutting and pasting onto a card that I can use as a prompter for my classes. I find the more I teach the less I need them but you never know when the CRS (can’t remember stuff) Monster will creep back in. That is my name for the cognitive loss that I have.  I also know that the more I work with the names and descriptions of the poses the more I remember.  Now if I could just have picture postcards for everyone I meet so names would be so much easier to recall!

(If I see you and speak to you and don’t use your name please don’t take it personally)

Today I am making my Yin cards.  I have one student who wants to explore more Yin poses.  I am taking a 3 night Yin class now and last night was the first one. Loving it.  I’ll fill you in as I learn.  Last night was learing and practicing the poses.  A little sore this morning.

Just a side note….don’t let your MS prevent you from following a dream!  I have MS and teach yoga!  Who would have ever thought!!

Today’s Gatha:

My parents were my first teachers.  I my formal education, instructors taught me.  May I now be mindful of all the teachers that surround me.  I am grateful to them.  I want to learn more throughout the rest of my life.




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