Open yourself to possibilities!

Just over a 2 years ago I was recently disabled from work… had a simple vision of where my life might be taking me but wasn’t real sure how I was going to get there.  I opened myself up to the possibilities and told the world…BRING IT ON!!!

Now my calendar is filling up with yoga classes and people are beginning to come to ME to teach!  Today I met with a manager of a senior living apartment complex and I will begin teaching there once a week.  I am also still working with a local rehab hospital about offering something to their staff as well as anyone else who may be interested in a “De-Stress at your Desk” chair yoga class. It is so exciting to see my calendar begin to fill.

Those of you out there with MS or anything else, don’t let it leave you house bound.  Yes I can still drive so that helps but I can also listen to my body, rest when I need to and be an involved member of society.  Spreading the word that those of us who may be considered less than able still have so much to contribute!  Need to know how to get started?  Send me a message, I love telling my story.  You can find me on twitter and on facebook.  Those links are on this blog.

Check out the links for a new one  that’s who reached out to me for today’s meeting. So excited to be a part of the Yoga community and this forward thinking organization.

Today’s Gatha:

To be organized means I have set priorities, that I care deeply about the outcome.  I reflect on what is truly of value, what gives meaning to life.  I then set my priorities for organizing on that basis.



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