weekend recap!

It was a busy weekend with my saturday yoga class here at home and a sunday class with friends at their home!  The handsome 4 legged boy you see is Levi.  What a wonderful addition he was to our session.  A true gentle giant.

It was amazing to share my home studio with the saturday class I usually see at the studio. There was a prior engagement at 4025 so I invited them to come to me!  So good to be able to do that.

Saturday we met some friends to watch the Preakness race.  We have a Derby AND a Preakness winner now…could it be time for another triple crown?  We used to go to the race every year.  Age, finances and health ended that tradition last year.  We hope to get back to Baltimore again to see the race live.  We all agreed it’s just not the same.

Today I am taking it easy.  Making some calls etc.  The week is of course beginning to fill up like it always does.  Today is a prep day for the rest of the week.

Those of you that follow me on twitter, let me hear from you!  What do you want to know?  Any questions for me?  I just sit down and type.  Let me hear from you!

Today’s Gatha:

I am developing an integrated awareness of all the dimensions of my being.  I make my body, my actions, my feelings and my relationships, my work and my play, all part of ongoing meditation.



Levi didn't make it the first time I published.


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