so great to be with family!

Yesterday was my Dad’s 86th birthday.  He’s 3 hours away and we made a quick trip of it in one day.   Dad’s not up for long visits anymore so we just run up and down the road in a day. He times out after a couple of hours.  So great to see him! His memory is going but he had received my son’s wedding invitation and understood who he was and what he was reading.  Dad hasn’t seen him in a while so that was a big accomplishment as I saw things.  😀

Feeling pretty good today despite the long trip.  My husband did all the driving because on the way home my leg began to twitch.  I think it was all the sitting in a confined space.  Once I got home and was able to stretch out it went away.

Now other than blogging I am glancing out the window where I sit and waiting for the sun to peek through.  Today is supposed to be another pool day.  Hoping to see some changes soon.

Speaking of changes. If you have been using the MSYogaandMe address to communicate with me I have decided that I am Sarah first and MS is a secondary thing.  So please use to reach me.  I changed the contact info on this site as well.

There is some sunshine!  Think I’ll go get ready for the pool!!!

Today’s Gatha:

It looks like the window separates me from things outside. but I am actually connected with the window and what is on the other side.  We are not separate, but one.  Looking with awareness, I see the oneness of all things.




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