Happy Monday/Tuesday!!

well….let’s start again.  I hit the delete button and everything went away.  can’t find a way to recover it.  I am sure it was brilliant and well written. You’ll have to settle with whatever I come up with to replace it!

I think I started by being confused about what day it is.  My calendar tells me it’s Tuesday and I understand my Tuesday students will be here at 2:30 and then a couple at 6:30.  It still feels like Monday.  Things will get better tomorrow and I think my week begins to fill up as usual then too.

Getting some chores done this a.m.  Slept later than usual but making the most of things now.  I am learning to manage my trips up and down stairs.  My legs complain at the end of a day when I have done a lot of up and down.  I also think I need to start my home yoga practice again.  I have let it slip since I began going to the studio and teaching.  I think a once a week practice in MY yoga studio in MY home would be good for me.  When I first began teaching I practiced and timed every class.  There is no need for that now so a home class with myself my be just what I need.

Not much to report today and the dryer is buzzing.  Let me hear from you out there!

Today’s Gatha:

As I clean this room, I make it fresh and calm and boundless joy and energy arise in me.  My heart and mind grow clearer with this experience.




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