What’s going on out there?

Not so much to report from here today.  My toenails are turquoise blue and my husband vacuumed the whole house!  It’s a great day!! Usual Sunday tasks. slept late, laundry, catching up on stuff on-line….

The last few days have of course been busy.  Had 12 seniors Friday for yoga.  That is really a fun crowd.  Here’s hoping they continue to come.  I’ve got to make it fun for them!

The pool is open and that’s SUCH a good thing.  Not headed there today.  Taking a break.

Did I talk about flare ups lately?  I think I am coming out of having one.  I guess flare ups can be lots of different things.  Some of my symptoms I won’t describe here, I am just so glad it’s better.  I think the twitchy legs were part of  it.  Have no idea what may have brought it on.  It used to be stress and fatigue.  Yoga helps so much with the stress, as for the fatigue I dunno.  Thought I was monitoring that pretty well too.  Oh well,  just be thankful that I feel better right?

Today’s Gatha:

Resolving to practice moderation, I gently learn to let go of extremes.  Moderation is the only was to find true balance and the best way to live fully and with mindful awareness.





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