a different kind of Friday afternoon…

Usually Friday afternoons are wine and cooking something new with a friend.  She’s out-of-town so this afternoon I am a little out of sorts and missing her.

It’s been a busy day so some time to rest is good.  I understand that.  Just taking it easy to share a few thoughts today.  My day started with my new friends at the Senior Chair Yoga class that I teach.  Not as many this time but the core group keeps coming back.  I think I had 10 or 11.  It’s a fun group!  They want me to come twice a week.  Keep you posted on that.

Then I dropped in on a friend and hung out by the pool for just a few minutes.  Had to get home to get the cat-her name is D.C.- to the vet.  There was absolutely no struggle getting her in the crate.  I guess at 17 she is mellowing.  She had lost almost a pound so the Dr. needed to draw some blood just to make sure nothing is going on.  She even tolerated that!  The staff at this office is so patient and gentle.   I am so thankful for them and so are my 3 “girls” I bet.

Feeling pretty good these days.  Listening to my body and not letting “stuff” get to me.  Easier said than done I know but I have noticed that somebody else might be mellowing.  😀  I WON’T say it’s because of my age though.  My age is just fine!!!  It does feel good not to fret over every little thing like I used to.

With that thought I think I’ll sign off.

Today’s Gatha:

I observe my thoughts and the workings of my mind.  I use wise reflection and consideration about where my actions are leading.  This reflection brings me clarity.




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