time to check in….

What a great day!  Spent a couple of hours at the pool.  2 hours are my limit even with something to read I get bored and it’s time to head home.  Getting my usual summer brown.  Wish I could keep the color year round.  (naturally,  nothing but good old mother nature gets me this brown, I feel and look so healthy.)  Read some more of my Yin book today.  What an interesting “science” – more and more I love what I am learing about this style of yoga.

After that it was usual Sunday stuff, laundry etc.  Still trying to get my Dad to answer his phone.  After all the effort to get a phone back in his room he either isn’t hearing it ring or is NEVER in his room.  Will call the Nurses station tomorrow and see if I can get some help.

Tonight should be a quiet one.  Not much planned.  Not sure what the week brings other than the usual.  Hope I can get back to meeting with some of my regular yoga folks.  Miss you guys!  Got some new things for us to try.  Everyone feel better soon.  I’m ready when you are.

I have stopped taking a prescription that I have read can contribute to or worsen the leg twitching I have been experiencing.  Like I’ve said before…no specific names here but the leg so far seems to have settled down and I don’t seem to miss the extra medication.  Maybe I can get off everything except my MS medicine.  That I am not willing to change without the help of my neurologist.

Speaking of which..I see my Doctor on Friday.  Look forward to that report next weekend.  I plan to have a list of things to talk about with him.  Always have a list for your Doctors…make the most of your appointment time!

Today’s Gatha:

To achieve happiness, I must see that the one important time is now.  The present moment is all I have.  The happiness I seek will come from deep kindness and respect for all beings and all life.  I am aware of what is appropriate, skillful, timely and true.



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