That’s how a young lady that visits frequently enters a room.  Always so happy.  Maybe I will adapt that!

Over the next few weeks you will hear alot about a significant birthday coming up.  I posted something yesterday about turning 50!  Yep that’s me.  July 17 is the day-the party in the backyard is the weekend before.  Now we are getting the house ready for what I hope to be a big crowd!!  We are flying my son in for one last “mommy and me” visit before he gets married in August.  What a busy summer.  Keep us in your thoughts as we try to keep up with everything we need to accomplish and work some rest in as well.

Speaking of rest.  We took it easy yesterday.  Lots of sports on T.V. NASCAR, golf and basketball.  I enjoy the racing and golf but not the pro basketball so much.  I was raised on the ACC and college sports are still my thing.  So thankful for a Husband that answers my questions about the other 2 as I continue to learn about them.  I suppose the TV execs plan Father’s Day full of sports!  Speaking of Father’s Day I finally got my Dad on a phone in HIS room.  It works, I just think the ringer is turned off. So good to talk to him on a Sunday again.  Hopefully the phone saga is over.

Getting some things checked off the list today.  Trying to upload a fun “baby picture” of me.  Look forward to THAT!!!

Today’s Gatha:

May I fully be present in preparing for this celebration, cultivating generosity, gratitude, and kindness for even the smallest joys and wonders.  Conditional happiness dependent upon a specific circumstance always leads to suffering.  This celebration is a source of happiness it I use it to practice being in the present moment.




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