There are no coincidences!

A very wise friend has to constantly remind me of that.  Yesterday I had a reminder of how true it is.

My day was filled with activity yesterday.  It started with a visit with my “Friday Morning Friends” at the Sr. living apartment complex.  (pics to follow), followed by a stop at not 1 but TWO malls.  Who knew they closed the store I needed to visit at the first mall.  and oh yeah it was HOT!!!!!

Yes I have said in the past the heat doesn’t bother me but yesterday was TOO HOTT! That and I had on the wrong sandals for a long trek thru an outside mall. Does anyone else have a problem keeping flip flops on their feet?  These are the cutest sandals and a good brand name but I kept feeling like I was either going to fling them into the next county or simply leave them behind.  Happy thought is that I was shopping for leather flip flops for my husband so while I was at it I got a pair for myself too and put the “cute” shoes in the bag. Will save those when I am not going to be walking so much.

After that I was able to stop for a short rest and something to eat at home.  Then I went to hang out with my 2 favorite young ladies that I like to call “twinkle” and “sparkle.”

As you know normally Friday night is wine and cook something new night with a girlfriend or 2 at my house.  Last night we were going to undertake gazapacho due to the intense heat of the last few days.  I was up for it but knew it was bodering on too much for one day.  I am sad to report my friend got sick so Friday night was cancelled.  THERE is my lesson in “there are no coincedences.”  Although I am so very sorry my friend got sick, it is a good thing I was able to just hang out with my hubby last night and take it easy.  Gazpacho can wait til next week and we already have to recipe!

Going to take it easy today.  Yoga and maybe a trip to the pool.  A storm last night cooled things off.

Please look at my photos for some pics of my Friday Morning Friends.

Today’s Gatha:

I must stop, calm down and rest to heal.  I cultivate receptivity and acceptance.  I work to create the right conditions for healing by acknwledging my suffering, exploring it, then letting go.




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