new adventures

Call it adventure, call it courage, call it aging I don’t know what to call it.  I am doing things these days that I would NEVER have thought to do in the past.  This morning I passed out cards at our neighborhood pool to stir up some interest in a yoga class while the Moms are waiting for swim and dive team practice.  Walking up to complete strangers and introducing myself would never have happened in the past.  Thursday I may just go up and set up a class and see what happens!!

I think I actually owe this new-found courage to yoga.  I have something I want to share with everyone and let them know how wonderful it has been for me!  When one woman said “I can’t do yoga” I told her I had been diagnosed with MS 20 years ago and can’t is no longer in my vocabulary!  Yes I am on disability, yes I have problems remembering sometimes, yes some days my strength fails me but I still CAN!

It’s a beautiful day and I am meeting some friends for lunch then I am upholstering a chair with a friend because we CAN!  We started yesterday and amazed ourselves at the progress.  It’s an old chair of my Mom’s that has found a new home and purpose in my yoga studio.  Maybe I’ll share pics when we are done.

Speaking of pics…I couldn’t get the pics of my Friday morning friends to post in but if you look at all my pics they are there.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.  I am!!!

Today’s Gatha:

I aim to make every action serve the goal of helping others.  Even eating can have this motivation: I eat to maintain strength, prolong my life, and be better able to help others.  I am always mindful of my motivations.





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