I gave in to the heat…..

I think this is day 3 over 100 degrees. I finally gave in to the heat. Sunday has been a pool day for me for at least a couple of hours but today I gave in.  The heat doesn’t bother me usually but I guess when it tops triple digits it’s time to let mother nature win one.   We went out for a bargain lunch and some birthday party shopping.  Now we are back home in the good old air conditioning!!

Yesterday I posted quickly that blue man was back.  Today I checked the nest and there was one egg!  It is SO hot..I had read that the female wouldn’t lay eggs in the heat. Guess she hasn’t given in yet.  Will keep you posted on an egg count and when they begin to hatch.

We have had some pretty severe storms here the last couple of nights.  No damage in our area and only short power “blips”.  So thankful for that.  Others haven’t been so lucky.  The room that is now the yoga studio used to take in water during a heavy storm.  Don’t think it has since it became a yoga room.  Divine intervention?  It’s a thought. 😀

That’s a lot of nature  and weather talk. Let’s see if I can find a gatha for that!

Gatha for today:

Living Zen means opening myself to a full awareness.  I can use the storms, winds, and waves to propel me through life.  I must lose myself and become one with the water and the wind.




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